“Taking a city for Christ” by Neal Pollard

August 11th, 2019

August 11 2019 - Sunday AM Sermon

"Taking Strong Inhabitants and Fortified Cities" - Numbers 14:1-10

  • Have faith in God's abilities and promises - Numbers 14:1-3

    1. What happened when they lacked faith in God?

      • They let their emotions drive their decisions
      • They fell prey to grumbling and criticism
      • They were guilty of fatalism
    2. What three things will help us take this city for Christ?
  • Families Led by Faith and not by Fear - Numbers 14:3
    1. Some families conform to the culture
    2. Some families isolate from the culture
    3. Some families engage the culture (This must be us!)
  • Forward-thinking Leadership - Numbers 14:3-9
    1. They were humble, convicted, optimistic, faith-filled, reverent, and visionary
    2. God has given us this at Lehman Avenue!
    3. Let's not be arm-chair elders! 
  • Fight the Right Adversary - Numbers 14:10
    1. We must not fight against one another - Galatians 5:15
    2. The closer we are to each other, the more inevitable conflict will be.
  • Conclusion 
    1. We must have the faith to go the rest of the way!
    2. What about the giants in your life?


Duration 31:34

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