“God’s Desire For Your Sins” by Neal Pollard

February 2nd, 2020

February 2 2020 - Sunday AM Sermon



(Isaiah 1:18; 38:17; 44:22)
Neal Pollard


A. Today Is ______________'s Day (Are You Haunted By Sin's _________?)
B. Where Do We Find A Very Graphic Picture Of Sin? __________________
C. Nowhere Do We Find A More Promising Picture Of Pardon Than _____________
D. God Couldn't Hate _______ More And Couldn't Love ___________ More

I. GOD WANTS TO _____________ OUR SINS (Isaiah 1:18)
A. 1:15,16,25,30-31; Matt. 27:3; 1 Peter 1:18-19; 2 Peter 3:14
B. There Is A Substance That Can Cleanse The Worst Spiritual ___________. What?

II. GOD WANTS TO ____________ OUR SINS (Isaiah 38:17)
Isaiah 38:1; 40:12; Micah 7:18-19
A. How Many Sins Have You Committed In Your __________? How Many Marbles Is That?
B. God Casts All Our Sins Into The ___________ Of The ___________
C. If God Isn't Interested In Them, Why Would We ______ Them Back Out?

III. GOD WANTS TO ___________ OUR SINS (Isaiah 44:22)
Isaiah 44:17
A. He Wipes Out Our ___________ Like A Thick Cloud Reduces _______________
A. Why Would We _______ Onto Something God So Wants To Get ______ Of?
B. 1 Timothy 1:13-16...

Duration  27:44

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