“Everything Under the Sun: Choosing Our Distractions” by David Chang

June 28th, 2020

June 28 2020 - Sunday PM Sermon


Everything Under the Sun: Choosing Our Distractions 


"...And there is nothing new under the sun." - Ecclesiastes 1:9


Nothing is new. Everything has been done.


Everything under the sun...

   ... is vanity.


What's the point then?


Is My Life Truly a Vanity Outside of God?


Do I Pick and Choose What Is Temporary and What is Eternal?


Does My Faith Life Actually Reflect Eternity?


Often we choose what distractions are tolerable, while condemning more conventional ones. 


In reality, "all is vanity."

Anything and everything in life that distracts us from the eternity of God is vanity.

There are no exceptions.




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